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Khanh Village in Cuc Phuong National Park

Khanh Village in Cuc Phuong National Park, Khanh Village is home of Muong People. Khanh village is part of Hoa Binh Provice.

Muong People:

The Muong people group is the third largest of Vietnam’s 54 minority groups, with a population of 1,236,000. Indeed, they are one of the largest ethnic minorities in the Indochina region. Of the other Vietnamese minorities, only the Thai and Tay peoples are larger. The Muong are believed to be related to the Vietnamese (Viet), the majority people of Vietnam. But the Viets moved to the low country and became influenced by Chinese culture. The Muong (sometimes called Mol, Mual or Moi) remained in the mountains and developed independently. They and the Thai have had a mutual influence on each other�s culture. So, today the Muong are ethnically close to the Vietnamese, but culturally and socially similar to the Thai.

How far the trek from Cuc Phuong national Park to Khanh Muong village?

From the Center through the jungle, valleys, steep mountain pass with a length of about 16 km, guests will arrive Muong (the Khanh An Nghia commune, Lac Son district, province of Hoa Binh ). The Khanh located on the left bank of the River Grapefruit with sticky floors, terraced fields … and the long road to the right over the Muong steep for 6-8 hours time, this route must be guided by the park.

Khanh Village

Homestay in Khanh Muong Village

Nowadays,  Khanh Muong village is one of attractive place in Cuc Phuong national, It is opening for homestay, tourist coming here have experiences and learn daily life of local people. The  trekking tours in Cuc Phuong to Khanh Muong Village Homestay