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Muong ethnic identity in Cuc Phuong national park

Cuc Phuong national park is pristine rainforest.Between the beautiful natural scenery of old forest is where Muong people community are living with cultural beauty imbued with national identity.Muong ethnic identity

Go west woods,past the fresh green grassland under small trail visitors will arrive in the beautiful,simple Muong.The Muong in Cuc Phuong national forest located next to Buoi river blue water has long ago already.Inside the small house floor,we can see the things for simple daily life as a stone mortar pounding rice,brocade weaving looms making the traditional dress of colorful of Muong ethnic girls.Sometimes,the bustling village in festival gongs.Sitting and listening to the gongs echoing in mountains forever away,heard the song,lullabies and folk songs unique of Muong people and drunk in can wine the intimate drink,you’ll really experience the rural lifestyle but laughter bustling of ethnic naive,gentle.

Muong people live joyful lives with the identities oldest capital of his nation.Upon arriving and understand more about life here,really feel nostalgically moment of departure.