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Nguoi Xua cave In Cuc Phuong National park

Nguoi Xua cave is a relic of the residence and the burial history, located in the pristine forests of Cuc Phuong National Park, Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh province.is a famous cave had long ago when people discovered no.nam in national forests of Vietnam famous Caves The ancients so well in a lot of tourists and foreign countries to this is a time to contemplate quan.Dong visit is the name of the ancient cave Sign Cuc Phuong Dang , Hmong means the queue. Rotation in the east , which is 45m high dome , which looks like a giant dragon’s mouth area of ​​about 30m2 , relatively flat . The longer a niche right again through another door as an exit . Walls were plenty of that when typing in a voice like the sound of the gong , gongs of the Muong . The Muong Ma also called the cave with ancient legends into the sunset , ghost usually flocked out to get water . Is this a radiation image of a primitive people who used to live here ?antediluvian cave pictures

Nguoi Xua cave Dynamic is antediluvian life mark the dawn of human history , is a unique site in the cultural history of the development of mankind and is a precious heritage situated in the protected object Cuc Phuong National Park . ‘s Engine turned westward – male , tall , airy and divided into three compartments this cave complex structure , there is a mixture of clay succession , mollusk shells and streaks of coal ash .

The Ancient Cave 300m long with two very large cave floor , away from the main entrance at about 50 meters , then turn right . This is a dry cave characterized by limestone . This is clear because there is a cave in the mountain cave inlet into the whole atmosphere very pleasant here . Maybe this is why prehistoric people lived thousands of years we ‘ve chosen this cave as a place to live.Delving deep into the cave as murky atmosphere , although this is a place to visit but there is no electricity in the cave so dark , tourists often carry flashlights to explore the cave , the cave has many cliffs compartment , stone columns and the small hole in the ceiling of the cave as shelter species of centipedes or spiders like this but do not be afraid if you just stand on them without action .

Going into the last cave on a small winding road and go through a very narrow cliff you will reach the end point of the ancients .

Coming to Cuc Phuong , to the antediluvian ‘ll have peace of mind because here pretty full catering services for tourists .

This area used to be a crowded Muong , for the preservation and development of national forest that people have moved to another place to leave this place a wide area around the old forests , green . Another attractive point is that here you will get a break in the house between the forest floor .