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Tour guide fee in Cuc Phuong park

Cuc Phuong national park is a precious remnant of Vietnams tropical nature. The visiting program of any group should follow the leading of the national park. Guide fees are assigned as following:

Cuc Phuong Park Tour Guide Fee

1. Guide fee

· Trail around the park center: US$4/pax/day; Minimum: 16US$/group/day; Maximum: 30US$/day

· Trail to silver cloudy peak, wildlife night-spotting and ancient tree: 5US$/pax; Minimum: US$25/group/tour; Maximum: 50US$/group/tour.

  • Trail around Mac lake: US$9/group (10 people)
  • Trail to Mac peak: US$40/group (5 people)

· Trail to Muong village and professional tour (birds, reptile, amphibians, botanies, insects watching): US$7/pax; Minimum: US$30/group/day; Maximum:70US$/day.

  • Guide fee for wildlife experience tour: (including a local person)

– Group from 1 up to 4 people: US$60/group/day

– Group from 5 up to 8 people: US$80/group/day

2/ Guide fee to Endangered Primate Rescue Center (EPRC), Turtle Conservation Center (TCC) and Botanical Garden

· EPRC, TCC: 15.000vnd per person; Minimum: 25.000vnd/group; Maximum: 150.000vnd/group.

· Botanical gardens: 25.000vnd per person; Minimum: 65.000vnd/group; Maximum: 300.000vnd/group

 3. Guide fee to Van Long, Kenh Ga, Hoa Lu and Tam Coc: US$7 per person; Minimum: US$25/group/day; Maximum:50US$/group/day.

4. The group must pay 50.000vnd extra in the case the park’s guides use their own motorbike.

 5. The group undertake the profesional tour must be accompanied by a park guide.


(The price excludes Handle fee from Impress Travel)



Truong Quang Bich

Date: 06.01.2015, Cuc Phuong Park Tours – Impress Travel Department

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